Late last year, you might remember us being particularly smitten with a French chantuse by the name of Emilie Simon. And if you went to So Frenchy So Chic earlier this year, you may well have been smitten yourself.

Last night, we got an email from So Frenchy's Jean-Francois Ponthieux, who told us a little story that has only added to our admiration (our smit?) for the singer. Ten days ago, Simon was due to play in Wuhan, Central China. Due to some extreme weather, the plane her stage manager was on ended up being redirected, leaving him stranded 400 km away with all her equipment.

Emilie and her band decided that cancelling the show wasn't an option, and improvised a new acoustic set in the two hours they had before the gig was due to start. They decided on a set list in five minutes, then walked on stage for what Simon described as the most epic concert of her life.

She's just shared a recording of the gig, along with the email she sent to her team in France about the experience.

Here's the recording - it's worth half an hour of your time.