2021 … it's been a real mixed bag.

After the bin fire that was 2020, a tiny light at the end of the tunnel for the arts industry was ever so slowly growing in 2021.

Tours were starting to happen again, confidence was kind of growing … for a minute we dared to dream again. Until ... well, you know how the story goes.

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After [months of trawling for] bargains from the Polish Facebook Marketplace we’ve managed to get out, and back on track, and 2022 is looking good.

Sydney. Summer. King Street Carnival (KSC). A live music festival!

I’m stoked to be performing with my band once again and look forward to playing in front of a sea of smiles and sweaty bodies.

It’ll be so nice to catch up with friends, watch some hot music and generally soak up the carefree bohemian lifestyle in Newtown.

As an insider I’ve been asked for my must-see acts at KSC. Well, I can’t do it, because you should really come along and make a weekend of it – see as many acts as you can, scream and cheer as loud as you can, buy as much merch as you can. And don't stop there. Treat yourself to as much delicious food as you can, and drink (responsibly) as much as you can. It’s been a long time on the bench for everyone involved in live music festivals – we’re excited to see you and we know you’ve been missing us as well. Let’s make it right in 2022.

Okay, okay – maybe I can give you a few tips...

Harvey Sutherland
A very funky guy. Master of remixes. Very nice live show. Very sophisticated. Looking forward to seeing the set with new music recently released.

Touch Sensitive
The second most attractive Sydney bass player of Italian heritage. Always plays a great live show and is a creator of good vibes. I am forecasting a 95 per cent chance of slap bass. With so many hits under his belt you know your body will have an impossible task of staying still. Do yourself the favour.

Hiatus Kaiyote
One of Australia’s most interesting, innovative bands and simply impossible to categorise. They play a killer live show and I think this will be a set not to miss. Fantastic interplay, great rhythm section and, of course, Nai Palm’s amazing voice.

Sarah Blasko
I’ve had the great pleasure of playing in Sarah’s band over the years and it’s always a special treat to hear one of Australia’s most unique and beautiful voices. A true storyteller who’s penned so many great songs. Don’t miss it.

King Street Carnival runs January 14–16, 2022 at Sydney Park and Camperdown Memorial Rest Park. Other acts include Horrorshow, You Am I, Magic Dirt, Amyl and the Sniffers, Middle Kids, Yothu Yindi and The Buoys, as well as a party hosted by Heaps Gay. There will be food by Bush, Rolling Penny and Cow & Moon, and drinks by P&V, Grifter Brewing Co, Philter, Poor Toms and Wayward. Plus, free live gigs will be held at dozens of venues, including Odd Culture, The Lansdowne and Tokyo Sing Song.