Lugging yourself to the gym to stare mindlessly at a TV while running on a treadmill is a colossal chore. No wonder you never renew that membership.

If you want to have fun while getting fit, dance classes are an excellent way to loosen up and share the experience with others. Here’s a selection of some options in Sydney to get you into a healthy groove, be it ballet or Beyoncé.

Sydney Dance Company

The Sydney Dance Company is Sydney’s home of dance. Established in the late ’60s, the company is one of Australia’s most venerated dance institutions, but don’t be intimidated by its history. For the casual dancer it offers regular classes of nearly every conceivable style, including hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and more. While it does also offer expert-level workshops, many classes are elemental and designed to feel more like a fun night out than an exercise regime. Plus, you get to tell your friends you’ve danced with the Sydney Dance Company.

The Barre Studio

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Located in the Dymocks Building in the Sydney CBD, the Barre is a boutique studio tailored to those who want to explore this ballet-inspired fitness method. Combining techniques from Pilates with the traditional ballet training method (a barre is the wooden beam set along the wall of ballet studios), Barre is an intensive, all-body workout designed to strengthen your body with a mixture of stretches and isometric (a type of strength training) exercise.

Never tried ballet before? It doesn’t matter – this is a program suitable for newcomers and those with a penchant for pointe.

Inspire Belly Dance

Belly dancers aren’t just wiggling their hips and making unnervingly direct eye contact. They’re also enjoying an impressive ab workout that tones their core, involving the deep transverse abdominals most exercise routines miss.

Whether you’re looking to learn traditional styles or shimmy in a more modern fashion, Sydney’s Inspire Belly Dance offers six locations where you can participate in fundamentals classes to learn the basics, then move up to more complex combinations in intermediate classes.

Hollaback Dance Class

You might know Amrita Hepi as the creator of the Beyoncé Dance Class, which ran at Goodgod for a while before Hepi established it as successful, semi-regular national concern. Hollaback is her spin-off class. A professional dancer and choreographer by trade, Hepi’s Hollaback pairs dance-derived cardio with hip-hop and “’90s grooves” – think Rihanna, TLC, Beyoncé, Prince and an assortment of R’n’B icons. Hepi bridges the gap between contemporary dance and pop culture, while creating a space that encourages newcomers, pros, and folks of any orientation.