Barack Obama released his favourite summer jams for 2016 last night.

Melbourne’s Courtney Barnett made the presidential playlist with her single Elevator Operator. She’s track three on his upbeat “daytime” mixtape. There’s a moody “night time” playlist, too, for all those evenings in the Oval Office.

Despite the credible contemporary inclusion here and there (Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rain and D’Angelo’s Lady, for example) and retro soul leanings, even the POTUS clearly could not help mixing in proper dad banger The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations.

If you haven’t already, check out Barnett’s new video for Elevator Operator, filmed in Melbourne’s Nicholas Building, and featuring Sleater-Kinney, Paul Kelly, Magda Szubanski and sometimes-Broadsheet-illustrator Celeste Potter (who gets pretty murderous at the end).

Listen to The President’s 2016 daytime and night time Summer Playlist.