Occupying Balfour Street and eight surrounding laneways, Beams Festival is a street showcase of light, movement and sound. In 2014 the festival includes the work of some 350 creatives – performance artists, architects, bespoke crafters, comedians, dancers, creative agencies, musicians and poets. Located alongside the cavernous building sites and towering cranes of one of Sydney’s fast-evolving urban precincts, Beams asked creatives to conceive an urban utopia and to imagine the future of the city landscape.

Light installations will include a forest of electroluminescent tress and vines by Carrell Hambrick – a seamless merger of the natural and built world. Jan Cleveringa’s Fade demonstrates the disposable nature of technology via 30,000 fluorescent light bulbs. International architecture think tank, Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) will present its glowing digital origami tigers, which combine ancient lantern making techniques with digital design and fabrication technologies. Zoe Edema’s Castle in the Sky is a tent filled with fantastical apparitions of an imagined utopia.

There will also be a variety of local live music and performances including Building Landscapes by Flatline and the ACPE Dance Company, which matches projections to dancers. To eat, find Chippendale’s dining standout, Ester and the newly opened, The Chip off the Old Block. For something fast or on the go, try the Veggie Patch Van and Agape Organic Restaurant Food Truck. Or try out teaser samples from Automata restaurant – set to open on Kensington Street in autumn next year.

Full program and installation listings available on the Beams Festival Website.

The Beams Festival will run from 5pm–10pm, Saturday September 20.