There are no beds at the new Hijinx Hotel in Alexandria. There’s an imitation hotel lobby and a facade inspired by New York hotels, but you definitely can’t stay overnight. What you can do is play your way through 15 immersive and interactive challenge rooms, each with a different game. The “hotel” has been opened by Funlab, which also runs Holey Moley, Strike Bowling, Archie Brothers and La Di Darts.

Teams of two to six players will have 30 minutes to work their way through sets of five rooms and earn as many points as possible. Games include “Adore-a-Ball”, in which punters find gold balls in a pit of clear balls and throw them through a target, earning one point for each that goes through. “Shape’n Up” is inspired by Tetris; players must use foam shapes to match a pattern projected on a wall. And “Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” is modelled on the Titanic. Teams must find “leaks” (buttons) as they illuminate around the space, which is designed to look like a room in a sinking ship.

There’s also a giant floor piano, inspired by the one in the Tom Hanks film Big, as well as challenges akin to Twister and Scrabble. On opening there’s 10 challenge rooms, with a further five to open in the coming weeks.

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The “hijinx” don’t end once you’ve smashed your way through all the challenges, though. There are three bars on-site, including the Hotel Lobby Bar and the Caravan Beer Garden. Sip on Margaritas made with Casamigos tequila, or the Bubble and Pop – a combo of tequila, white chocolate, passionfruit, lemon and egg white topped with a scented bubble.

Players can also move along to the country’s biggest Holey Moley so far. Each of the 27 holes is themed; expect giant avocados, a pirate ship and Jaws- and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids-themed holes.

It’s $25 per person to play a five-game “set”.

Hijinx Hotel
75 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria

Mon to Thu 12pm–10pm
Fri 12pm–midnight
Sat 10am–midnight
Sun 10am–10pm