Catmosphere, Sydney’s multilevel cat cafe, will be hosting a movie night every Saturday and Sunday night, and 11 of its cats will be in attendance.

So-bad-they’re-good flicks such as Plan 9 from Outer Space and Flash Gordon will be screened on the cafe's 120-inch projector screen, so you aren’t too distracted from the resident felines wandering the room and cuddling up with guests. The experience will set you back $38.50 and comes with a caramel-popcorn thick shake (a vegan option is available too) as well as other light refreshments served at intermission.

For Catmosphere co-owner Darren Eldred, the cat cinema is an opportunity to provide something exciting for cat lovers and hopefully a comfortable environment for the cats.

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“We're all about offering unique experiences while also allowing cats to be their natural selves,” says Eldred. “Anyone who knows about cats will know they do their own thing and the more you want them to do your thing, the less they'll want to know about it.”

Beanbags are the seating of choice for the screening, which Eldred says is so the cats aren’t intimidated, and guests can interact and get more cuddles for their money.

“Our cinema experience encourages people to stay low to the ground and in one spot by providing a variety of comfortable plush bean bag seats, which cats prefer. With films as the primary source of entertainment, the cats can do as they please without the added pressure to ‘perform’,” he says. “The quieter and calmer you are, the more likely cats will warm up to you relatively quickly.”

Not only is it a chance to watch bad movies, it’s hopefully a positive mental and physical health experience for visitors. “Studies show that spending some quality time with a cat can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, your risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol levels, as well as reduce stress and relieve depression,” says Eldred.

Catmosphere opened in 2015 and was Sydney’s first cat cafe. All of its cats are rescued or fostered, and can be adopted. Who knows, perhaps the cat cinema might be the perfect place to convince a loved one to take home that cat you always wanted.

The first cat cinema screening is on Saturday April 28 from 6.30pm at the Catmosphere Cafe in Surry Hills.

For more information on the movie schedule and to book your own cat cuddle session, visit

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