If the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb lived in America, it’d be old enough to drink this October 1. Over the past 21 years it’s taken more than four million locals and visitors – including Prince Harry, Oprah and Will Smith – to the summit of the Harbour Bridge and photographed them with the city skyline and Opera House in the background.

To celebrate this milestone, it’s dropping its ticket price to what you would have paid in 1998 – a very affordable $98 – for all its climbs happening on October 1. That’s a saving of $210 on a regular day-climb ticket (usually $308). Twilight tickets (usually $374) and night tickets (usually $268) are also all $98 for climbs on October 1.

There will be 1998 tickets released at $98 – on sale from 9am on September 12. If you don’t manage to snap up a ticket for October 1, the party will be continuing throughout the month (although the ’90s prices won’t be). A playlist from 1998 will be pumped during all climbs – expect tunes from Outkast, Jay Z, Madonna and Massive Attack to accompany you as you climb to 130 metres above sea level. At the end of your climb you’ll be given Darrell Lea chocolates. The chocolatier’s first factory was opened under the first arch of the bridge in 1936.

Plus, climbers will get to hear from people who have made the climb hundreds of times – including one punter who has scaled the bridge 133 times (he’ll be marking his 134th climb in October).

Tickets for climbs on October 1 go on sale at 9am on September 12.