Over the weekend music journalist (and Broadsheet contributor) Jonathan Seidler teamed up with Keep Sydney Open to launch an awareness campaign around the city. It involved installing commemorative plaques at Sydney music venues that helped to grow the careers of local musicians and bands. Its aim is to start a conversation about how the lockout laws are affecting Sydney’s live-music scene and the support and development of local artists.

Today Keep Sydney Open released a video of the plaques being installed. It includes interviews with artists such as Jim Finn and Dan McNamee of Art Vs Science and bands such as Gang of Youths. It was filmed by Marcus Coblyn and the team at media production company Broken Yellow. It features a brand new Flume (real name Harley Streten) track called Heater that, according to the Keep Sydney Open website, the artist “saved for his hometown” so it could be used for this video.

“Harley is currently on tour in North America, playing sold-out theatres across the country,” says Seidler. “But he is proud of where he’s from and really backs the Sydney scene, and this just shows how dedicated he really is to the future of local music.”

Watch the video below: