Booze, meet single-origin coffee
Central coast distiller Mr Black has partnered with acclaimed Melbourne coffee roaster St Ali to create a limited-edition coffee liqueur ($70), perfect for those who hold coffee and booze in equal esteem. The tipple is made with beans sourced from a remote farm, 2000 metres above sea level in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Those beans have been blended with Australian wheat vodka and a dash of sugar for a biscuity, chocolatey drink that’ll add a bit of edge to your morning coffee or make an above-par addition to an Espresso Martini.

Unbreakable cookware
You may have introduced reusable coffee cups and water bottles into your life, ditched cling wrap in favour of beeswax and switched over to a green power company, but have you thought about the worn out or broken pots and pans you occasionally send to landfill? Australian kitchenware company Solidteknics is battling cookware waste by crafting skillets, saucepans and pots out of single sheets of iron (making them virtually impossible to break), sans screws or non-stick coating that’ll come off over time. Not only are they pretty much indestructible (meaning fewer cheap kitchen items going to landfill), but their light weight means they heat up faster, saving energy.

Six years, six malts, one whisky
Rosebery distillery Archie Rose has put a lot of thought and care into its latest release – a single-malt whisky ($119) that’s been six years in the making (and has already won a clutch of international spirits awards). Six Australian-grown malts have been used in the drop, which was matured in apera (Australian sherry), ex-bourbon and ex-rye casks. The result? Flavours of sticky date pudding and amaretto, and a smack of espresso.

A new natural skincare brand
Natural, sustainable skincare products have come a long way in recent years, with improvements in efficacy and, let’s face it, packaging. Rose Bay skincare company Natch Essentials launched in March with a gender-neutral range of vegan products that are free from parabens and synthetics. The selection is small right now – it includes a lip serum, hand balms and body wash – but it’s steadily releasing products, the latest an aluminium-free deodorant. It does next-day delivery across Sydney and offers a subscription service so you can set and forget your deodorant supply.

Celebrate local producers
Surry Hills pub The Clock will next week launch the Producers Series, a monthly experience celebrating Australian produce, farmers and winemakers. The first begins on Monday August 24, and will concentrate on Orange’s Swinging Bridge Wines with a menu of dishes made from one pig from Matt Moran’s (Aria, Chiswick) family farm. Head chef Luke McEnallay will use the principles of nose-to-tail cooking with the hog, serving a menu of pork tonkotsu ramen; pork sausages; fried pig’s ears; and pork cutlets. Throughout the week guests will be able to try a range of wines from Swinging Bridge, with a free tasting on August 27.