If you – like most of the internet – mourned when Harambe was killed in May, you can indulge your feelings IRL at a memorial service. It will be run by Bingefest, a festival all about internet culture and its endless ocean of LOLs (or in the case of Harambe, sad-face emojis).

Hosted by the Sydney Opera House, Bingefest is a 24-hour “content party” designed to celebrate what binds us: cat videos, celebrities doing weird things, true-crime TV shows, Beyoncé and Street Fighter.

“We were really excited about creating a festival that celebrated pop culture, podcasts, television, gaming and the internet, and giving people the chance to come together and experience these moments collectively,” says Bingefest founder and creator Danielle Harvey. “There’s also something wonderful about being at the Opera House overnight.”

Bingefest will run for 24 hours in December. You can see Shia LaBeouf in a new performance-art piece alongside regular collaborators/artists Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner. Predictably, no one really knows what it will involve.

Other highlights include a keynote on binge-worthy journalism from former This American Life executive producer and creator of Serial Julie Snyder. Arcade enthusiasts can test the limits of their thumb endurance at a free Street Fighter session. And a Beyoncé vs Rihanna dance class in an Australian Ballet rehearsal room, taught by Amrita Hepi, will help you master Queen Bey’s moves.

Hosted by Dan Ilic and other local comedy heroes, the Harambe Memorial Service will celebrate the internet’s 47th birthday and take a meta-tour of the highs and LOLs of the web this year.

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Naturally, there will be cats. Bingefest will include an iteration of The Internet Cat Video Festival, a mini-marathon of crowdsourced cat videos that will play in the Joan Sutherland Theatre Northern Foyer for the duration of the event.

Bingefest will take place on December 17–18. Tickets go on sale Friday October 14.