Broadsheet: What are two all-time favourite books you'll often recommend?
Benjamin Law: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. It’s such a devastating and forensic portrait of a relationship collapsing, with such incredibly accurate fight scenes. Any novelist, screenwriter or playwright will tell you how impossible it is to capture an argument, and Yates makes it look effortless. I don’t recommend it if you’ve recently gotten married, though.

Anything by David Sedaris. He manages to walk that perfect tightrope between savage and touching, outrageously funny and heart-splittingly sad. And he writes about family so beautifully – he was one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer in the first place. (To newcomers, I’d probably start with Me Talk Pretty One Day or Naked).

BS: What's the one book you're looking forward to reading this summer?
BL: Emily Maguire’s latest novel An Isolated Incident. I don’t usually read crime, and she doesn’t usually write it, but I opened it up the other day on holidays and couldn’t stop. I’d read anything Emily writes – she’s one of Australia’s most consistently interesting and absorbing writers.

BS: What are you most excited to do this summer? And least looking forward to?
BL: What I’m doing right now? Sweet fuck all in a tropical island in Thailand. Least looking forward to? Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. My mum says they always go after healthy people. If that’s the case, I’m outrageously fit.