In the lead up to February 14 it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of couples-focused activities cropping up. So it’s nice to know the team behind No Lights No Lycra is bringing back their anti-Valentine’s Day party. Last year, it sold out in just 48 hours.

As always, the night is strictly drug and alcohol free, with No Lights No Lycra’s musical geniuses Ash Maher and Jodie Fisher dropping crowd-pleasing pop beats.

The event will take place at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre in Darlinghurst, and tickets are limited to an intimate 100 revellers. As the name suggests, attendees are in for a wild, one-hour dance party in pitch darkness. The idea is to let go of all inhibition and dance with complete freedom. It’s a chance to truly dance like nobody is watching, because, well … nobody is.

“The event is about giving people an alternative to the regular snoozefest V’ Day stuff,” says Maher. “Whether you’re solo, with your significant other, or bringing a gang, everyone is welcome.”

No Lights No Lycra has been running for five years, but the anti-V' Day playlist will be different to regular sessions, which usually blend a few different genres, sounds and eras.

“Genre-diversity will go out the window, and we will only be playing the most feelsy songs,” says Maher. “Songs about having your heart ripped in two, and songs about realising you were better off without them. But also songs about being deeply in love. We want to move through the full gamut of emotions.”

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It’s worth dressing light, as you can expect to sweat it up for a solid 60 minutes. If the name is anything to go by, lycra is banned, but to be fair, you could turn up wearing it head-to-toe and once you’re inside, nobody would know.

No Lights No Lycra anti-Valentine’s Day party happens on Wednesday February 14 at East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, 34 Burton Street, Darlinghurst. See here for more details and tickets.