An electronic music specialist at FBi Radio, Andy Garvey, is the voice of weekly radio show Pure Space. With an ear finely tuned to the diverse local and international dance music community, Garvey introduces some of the world’s most interesting electronic acts to Sydney airwaves.

Her discerning taste and effortless on-air presenting style have also caught the attention of Triple J, where she has found a home at Mix Up playing exclusive mixes from exciting acts both local and from abroad every Saturday night. Julio Bashmore, DJ Haus, Kenji Takimi, Toro Y Moi, Harvey Sutherland, Red Axes and Roland Tings have already lent their selections to the show.

Off-air, Garvey continues to light the fire under packed club floors with her eclectic mix of tracks. She’s recently warmed floors for Legowelt, Florian Kupfer, Julio Bashmore, Kornel Kovacs, Jayda G, Sleep D, Mall Grab, Cyril Hahn and Anthony Naples, and is a regular fixture at Club 77, Vibe Positive and Future Classic hosted events. 

Here are the gigs she’s looking forward to and the tunes she’s got on repeat this month.

A few words from me before I dig in: August looks to be a pretty rad month – I’m turning 25, my radio show Pure Space is celebrating its first birthday, and there is something to do every weekend in Sydney. Whether it’s a grungy warehouse, or a local bar or club, hopefully this list will energise and excite you to get out and experience some shit-hot Sydney nightlife.

Rimbombo's Hypnoteque with Pjenné & Michael Ozone
Three of my favourite Sydney DJs – Adi Toohey, Earl Grey and James Grevelle, aka Rimbombo – are putting on a pretty lush gig at Freda’s along with Melbourne’s Pjenne, who’s known for her eclectic taste, and Michael Ozone, who’ll bring his own Afro-centric, new-beat specials. It’ll be a good’n.

August 4 at Freda’s

ALL IN: 14 Years of FBi Radio
For obvious reasons I couldn’t breeze past this one. FBi’s been a beehive for creative minds across Sydney for the past 14 years. This night brings together 14 of their specialist music shows for an all-out blow out with something for everyone.

August 4 at Hudson Ballroom

Vibe Positive FULL BLOOM with Roza Terenzi
When you can’t find any viable clubs to throw down in it’s time to head off the grid – Vibe Positive is my trusted go-to for this kind of dance party. Full of life, joy and friendship, you will be leaving with a big old smile on your dial.

Full line-up: Vibe Positive, Nite Fleit (Melb), Valerie Yum, Andy Garvey + Roza Terenzi

August 5, TBA location

Disco Delicious: 10 years of not doing very much
Do you remember music blogs? When someone would write about their favourite tunes with an illegal download attached because no one used to care about that? Well, I grew up reading and downloading tracks onto my iPod from Disco Delicious. It hasn’t been active in many years, but they still celebrate their birthday – and this year it’s double digits! Writer Andy Webb is at the helm all night. Vibes!

August 12 at Freda’s

Sydney Pony Club pres. Black Merlin (UK)
The SPC dudes have landed the Sydney show of UK chugging-techno producer Black Merlin. He’s out for his debut Australian tour and I’m pretty keen to give it a fair go, aye!

August 12, location TBA

Pure Space First Orbit (Save the date!)
My baby’s turning one and I’m bringing two of my favourite producers up from Melbourne for a bit of a shenanigan. Keep tabs on Facebook.

August 19, location TBA

Andy’s Broadsheetplaylist:

Laurie Spiegel –* Patchwork*
I’ve been getting more and more into ambient music at the moment, I love how timeless it all sounds. I listen to it a lot while walking and I walk pretty much everywhere. I find it helps me appreciate the streets around me – look closer at the people and community that I am a part of.

Andy Rantzen – *Will I Dream?
A favourite off the most recent Efficient Space compilation by Steele Bonus. Ruff around the edges but smooth in the bottom end ... the rest of the Efficient Space compilations are very much worth your time too.

Maxmillion Dunbar – *Wouldn't Matter
Not a new tune, but it’s been recycled in my Saturday mornings playlist. Perfect for sipping your first coffee or making some bloody avo toast to.

Objekt – *Theme from Q
This one is my house’s current final-pump-up-before-heading-to-the-club track. It starts out a bit cute but ends up gritty toward the end, perfect for me and my club ratz!

E.R.P – *Burp
This track absolutely stomps when you play it really slow. It’s been finding some regular airplay in my recent sets.

Powder – *Hip
Cute disco track from one of my favourite Japanese ladies. The whole EP is pretty fab, actually, so best check it out too!

Reptant – *Get Me Out Of Here
Immersive track from Melbourne acid lurker Reptant. Heard it’s going to get an official release soon too, solid!

Villa Abo – *Mission Just Pam Pom
The solo project of one of the members of ’80s synth outfit Frak. A lot of their records are getting attention at the moment, so this collaboration between Villa Abo and Melbourne label Butter Sessions feels extra special.

Legowelt – *Sark Island Acid
I’ve spent a fair amount of time recently going back through the old L.I.E.S record discography – this one’s from 2013 by one of my favourite producers, Legowelt. The scope of the label’s releases over time kind of threw me, in a good way.

Privacy – *Broke
Another electro number, this one’s off Steffi’s Fabric mix. I’ve been obsessed with her since seeing her at the Sydney Opera House Goodgod Small Club showcase a few months ago. I loved almost every record she played – highly recommend checking out the rest of the Fabric mix this one came off, too!

Broadsheet is a proud media partner of FBi.