As a prelude to International Women’s Day, All About Women 2017 will explore the issues that have most recently been cast under the feminism spotlight.

“Obviously there are issues that we talk about every year like women and violence or the representation of women in the media, but All About Women 2017 is really trying to talk about the new things that are happening,” co-curator Ann Mossop says. “What we’ve seen in Australian in the past year is people like Clementine Ford calling out what happens to women in public life. The digital world has really accelerated and exacerbated this problem,”

Academy award-winner, UN Women partner and equality advocate, Geena Davis is headlining. The Thelma & Louise star will discuss the vast inequalities within the media, focusing on the need to stop gender stereotyping and to increase female characters in film and television.

Clementine Ford, writer, speaker and feminist, will take to the stage for her Hate Male talk to discuss the hate mail that angry men send her, and explore the ways in which women can fight back against misogyny and online hate.

Nasty Women, a panel discussion between Yassmin Abdel, Magied, Van Badham and Lindy West is not to be missed. They’ll explore the magic that happens when women stop being afraid and how wearing their “nasty woman” badge may in fact be an honour.

In perhaps the most controversial talk of the program, Thordis Elva and Tom Stranger discuss together how Stranger raped her when she was 16. After nine years of non-correspondence, the pair met again to reconcile their past and make their story public by publishing the book South of Forgiveness, outlining the aftermath of rape, and journey to forgiveness.

Mossop describes their joint talk as extraordinary. “I think the story that they tell together is really important. So much of the time, issues around sexual violence are too difficult for people to talk about. So these two incredibly brave people talking about it together is really, really unusual.”

“A lot of the time, women say, “this is a day where I’m going to just go do something that is really interesting for me, and I’m going to do it with my friends”. It’s one of the few events that people arrive early for at the Opera House!” Mossop says.