“Retrosweat is for people who want to have fun, play dress-ups, listen to great music and get fit in the process,” says Shannon Dooley of her aerobics class, Retrosweat. “Exercise these days can be very serious, scientific and all about numbers. Retrosweat is all about creative expression, enjoyment and a sense of community.”

As it sounds, Retrosweat is an ’80s-style aerobics class, inspired by aerobics queens Jane Fonda and Denise Austin. The perfect solution for anyone who loves the ’80s and hates the gym, Retrosweat is a workout in disguise. The novelty of dressing up combined with Dooley’s bright character and the hilarious moves, make it easy to forget you’re exercising. Although you’ll wake up the following day surprisingly stiff.

“Retrosweat is a whole-body workout. It burns calories, strengthens your heart and tones all areas – we squat, lunge, grapevine and star jump. I get so excited seeing participants’ bodies transform as the weeks go by. Everyone’s skin glistens, they stand tall and proud. It’s a glorious sight,” says Dooley of the effectiveness of the class.

Want to give it a go, but a bit nervous? Here is Dooley’s advice: “Wear whatever you feel [good] in and know that it’s not a technically difficult dance class. It’s all about letting go of inhibitions. Any age, any fitness level is welcome. The room is full of love. And lycra.”

Retrosweat is about to get even more exciting as it evolves to include “RetroTone”, which will add weights to your chasse and hip thrusts.

Retrosweat is held every Tuesday at Redfern PCYC, and Thursday at Bondi Pavillion at 7pm.