You could safely assume historical walking tours aren’t the most popular pastime for Sydneysiders. It’s a shame considering the walking tours we’ve taken this year have more excitement and historical intrigue than Netflix series The Crown.

From floating brothels to lusty botanists, each of these tours will pique your interest in Sydney’s remarkable history.

Journey Walks – Sydney’s Hidden History
Journey Walks offers a charismatic take on Sydney’s colonial history. Centred in The Rocks and Sydney Cove, the tour focuses on the individual personalities and peculiar stories defining Sydney’s formation as a wild convict colony. Guiding you through two-and-a-half centuries in as many hours, a local historian will lead you on a madcap journey into the remarkable – and often hilarious – past of Sydney Cove. Filled with captivating tales and the kind of incredible facts you can drop at a dinner party, this tour is a great way to inspire your dormant interest in your own city.

Two-and-a-half hours. $40 per person.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney – Aboriginal Heritage Tour
The Royal Botanic Gardens hosts this fascinating expedition into the diverse culture of the Aboriginal people specific to the Sydney region, exploring the vast history of its traditional owners. Led by an Aboriginal guide though the gardens, this walking tour envelops you in the life of Sydney’s original inhabitants through artefacts, language, bush foods and medical remedies.

One-and-a-half hours. $39 per person.

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Urban Adventures Australia – Kings Cross Crime and Passion Walking Tour
Urban Adventures hosts an enthralling walking tour that focuses on the debaucherous, crime-ridden history of Sydney’s most nefarious suburb, Kings Cross. Encapsulating the scandalous true crimes, corruption and general depravity of this iconic district, this gripping tour takes you from violent razor gangs to lockout laws in just over two hours.

Two hours. $45 per person.

Dave’s Pub Walks – Balmain Pub Tour
Explore the boozy history of Balmain with this tour that takes punters inside the doors and stories of four iconic pubs. As it turns out, Balmain has not only the highest pub-to-person ratio in Australia, but some of its oldest and most captivating historical tales, too. These include murderous confectioners, mobster convicts and the formation of major political parties. Those with only a mild interest in history can at least enjoy a coldie at every stop.

Two-and-a-half hours. $80 per person