Although nothing has been confirmed, a promising exchange on Facebook has led many to believe the Hopetoun Hotel is in new hands and may reopen as a live-music venue.

Australian music journalist and manager Stuart Coupe said on Facebook yesterday that he’d seen a post by the new owner of the hotel, Adrian Bull, saying he’d bought it. Bull, also the owner of Blind Records, commented on the post confirming this. He also wrote: “The only thanks I need is you showing up at the bar!” He also said there would be plenty of pictures taken of the site as it is, as well as of the renovations.

When the Surry Hills landmark closed in 2009 there was a huge outcry from fans and musicians. Many artists got their break there and bands such as Jet, You Am I, Decoder Ring, Dappled Cities, Wolfmother and many more have played there over the years.

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Bull hasn’t yet confirmed it will be a live music venue, but as the owner of a record company (according to his Facebook profile), you have to hope.

More details to come.

Broadsheet has contacted Adrian Bull for comment but has not heard back from him at the time of publication.