When fully vaxxed Sydneysiders exited lockdown on Monday there was a flurry of excitement – but also confusion: how could we prove our vaccination status? There were workarounds, such as printing off our vaccine certificates, downloading them into our Apple Wallets or Google Pay, or emailing the PDF to ourselves. But now, the state government has finally integrated our vaccine certificates into the Service NSW app, meaning we can check into a venue and prove we’re double-jabbed all from the one place.

Here’s how to add your Covid-19 digital certificate to your Service NSW app.

First, check your apps and accounts
Before you get going, make sure you have a Service NSW account, as well as the latest version of the Service NSW app (this won’t work if you don’t have the latest version; get it here for Apple or here for Android). And you’ll add your certificate using either the Express Plus Medicare app (download here for Apple or here for Android), or your online Medicare account, which can be accessed via Mygov.

If you’re using the Express Plus Medicare app
• Open the app
• Select “proof of vaccinations” from beneath “services”
• Hit “view history”
• If you share your Medicare account with others, select your name. Otherwise it should be automatically selected
• Select “share with check-in app”
• You’ll be presented with options to share with the Service NSW app or Service Victoria. Select Service NSW
• Read the terms and conditions, then hit “accept and share”
• You’ll be taken to your Service NSW app. Read the terms and conditions and, if you’re cool with them, select “I accept”.

If you’re using your Medicare account via Mygov
• Sign into Mygov on a browser on your device
• Go to the Medicare page
• Select “view proof” under “proof of vaccinations”
• Hit “view history”
• Select your name, if you share your account with others
• Select “share with check-in app”
• Select “Service NSW” and follow the prompts
• Then log in to your Service NSW app and follow the prompts to add your certificate.

Where can I see my proof of vaccination in the app?
You should now be able to find your vaccine certificate under Licences & Credentials in your Service NSW app.