While we wait for the review of the lockout laws to be released, two filmmakers have created a memorial to the many venues that have been lost since the laws were implemented.

Tim Pass and Dave May, co-founders of Shifted Pictures, a studio specialising in motion-control timelapse, have captured each of the closed venues for a short film. Having worked with many local bands, filming music videos and gigs around the Cross, the issue is particularly close to them. The pair came up with the idea when Hopetoun Hotel closed at the end of 2009, but decided to act on it 18 months ago, when venues starting dropping like flies and the movement against the laws picked up momentum.

"It's good to document these things, and remember how Sydney used to be," Pass told us. "To bring the issue to light in a way that hasn't been explored yet."

In the video, the camera pans slowly and mournfully across empty, boarded-up buildings, the shells of venues that have closed in the last two years. In the background, Jim Finn croons "I get the feeling / We're part of a bigger game / And I'm not the reason / But somehow I get the blame." Finn, from Art Vs Science, wrote the song specifically for the video.

"We wanted to add some fuel to the fire," Pass says. "There's time now to change it – it's still reversible."

Watch the video below: