A struggling wallaby was plucked from Sydney Harbour by ferry workers late last night after she was spotted 50 metres from the shore in Manly.

It’s not the first time a marsupial has gotten lost in the big city. Police caught another hopping along the Harbour Bridge last month.

Sydney Wildlife volunteer Joseph Battaglia – who was working with fairy penguins nearby – was alerted to the anomaly by a bystander. "This woman came to us with a pram and a couple of kids in it and said a wallaby has just jumped into the water at Fairlight and is swimming across," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The rescue began with a puzzling choice of method – a life ring was thrown into the water in the hope the helpless animal would grab onto it. When that proved unsuccessful, a boat and lasso were used to hook and grab hold of her tail. The wallaby was then raised onto the Manly Fast Ferry. It’s believed the wallaby was from Dobroyd Head and was chased into the water by a dog. After the rescue she was handed over to a Sydney Wildlife volunteer.