According to the Australian Road Deaths Database, more people die in crashes during summer than any other time of year, and one in five fatal crashes involves alcohol.

Across December and January, Uber will hand out $1 million worth of free rides, across New South Wales and Victoria, in the form of $20 vouchers. Uber representatives will distribute the vouchers on Friday and Saturday nights in more than 200 licensed venues.

The campaign, in partnership with DrinkWise, is to raise awareness about the risks of drink driving and to help people make better decisions.

“Ridesharing services like Uber are changing the way people think about drinking and driving,” says Mike Abbott, head of operations at Uber Australia and New Zealand. “By providing a safe and reliable ride at the push of a button – no matter the time or place – ridesharing is helping make our cities better connected, easier and safer places to get around.”

A survey of 2500 Uber users and non-users revealed that 77 per cent of non-users were less likely to drink and drive if they knew they had an affordable, reliable ride home at any hour.

In NSW, Uber will also be partnering with Transport for NSW and its Plan B campaign to provide rides home from major sporting events. This will be similar to the ‘Uber Zones’ that were created at the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year to get revelers home quickly and safely.

Abbott says Uber is looking forward to “working closely with more state and territory governments to improve access to affordable and reliable transport, and help more Australians make smarter, better and safer decisions when drinking.”