During the height of Covid-19 shutdowns in Sydney, while beaches were closed and community sports were on hiatus, the temporarily closed carparks at Clovelly Beach and Chifley Sports Reserve remained in use – just not by cars. Kids and parents took to the asphalt on bikes, and with basketballs and skateboards, and reimagined how these public spaces could be used.

Now, Randwick City Council has made that repurposing semi-permanent, blocking sections of both car parks to traffic until August 31. “With many of our beachside car parks lightly used over winter, this is an opportunity to trial pop-up winter pedal parks to provide more open space for local families to use for recreation and physical activity,” Randwick Mayor Danny Said said in a statement.

Locals are encouraged to use the spaces for cycling, riding scooters and ball games. The establishment of the temporary parks follows requests from residents and bodies such as the Clovelly Precinct Committee to keep the spaces available for public use. A petition was also submitted to the council requesting it open the spaces to the community during winter.

“It was really great to see how the community reimagined the use of this public space,” says Said. “They turned disused asphalt into a place of healthy community interaction, fun and learning. Kids learnt to ride a bike for the first time and practised tricks on scooters, while others played handball and basketball.”

Randwick City Council’s pop-up pedal parks will be open until August 31.