As the cooler weather finally begins to take hold, those eyeing off a frosty mountain getaway have been dealt a cruel blow. Tobogganing is now banned at the Thredbo Kosciuszko ski resort in the Snowy Mountains.

While we wait for a grassroots activist group to sprout and turn its attention to this cultural crime, it’s perhaps worth considering the thinking behind the move. In an email to property owners obtained by Broadsheet, the resort has cited the safety of its guests as the catalyst for the ban.

The email states the resort has "seen an increase in accidents and incidents directly related to toboggans over the last few years", prompting the move to "impose a blanket prohibition across the entire resort".

Perisher ski resort still allows the pastime, but only in selected areas.

"Toboggans are prohibited on all Perisher ski slopes and should only be undertaken at the designated toboggan slope located beside Perisher Valley Car Park on Pipers Ridge,” says a statement on its website.

“Tobogganing can be dangerous and like all alpine activities involves inherent risks.”

To keep safe, SnowSafe recommends tobogganing in specially prepared areas where possible, never using makeshift sleds and always having adequate supervision for kids.

Or you can always stick to safer winter pastimes such as building snowmen or sipping brandy by the fire.