Volunteering is a generous and rewarding way to contribute to the community, but it can be tricky to choose a worthy cause that fits with your commitments. If you want to get involved, here’s three options to consider.

Shopping Companion for the Elderly
What it entails: You would be helping elderly members of the community with their weekly shopping. As well as assisting in the independent living of elderly people, you would be providing an important weekly social interaction.

Time commitment: Two hours a week

Prerequisites: Able to communicate in English

Reimbursements: Transport or approved expenses incurred

Location: Various parts of the city and Sydney area

How to apply:
1. Check that you meet the volunteer criteria and required availability
2. Contact The Centre for Volunteering on (02) 9261 3600 between 10am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday
3. Make a booking for a telephone interview.


Bushland Rehabilitation at Centennial Park
What it entails: Assisting in the valuable regeneration of Centennial Park’s bushland. This will include helping with a variety of natural and heritage conservation work being undertaken in the park, all of which contribute to maintaining natural plant life and supporting diverse local wildlife.

Time commitment: Five hours

Prerequisites: Induction and training will be provided on the day. Be sure to wear appropriate attire for gardening and sun protection.

Reimbursements: No

Location: Centennial Park, Sydney

How to apply:
1. Contact Conservation Volunteers on (02) 9331 1610 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
2. Sign up over the phone for the next scheduled day session.


Emotional and Social Support for People Living with HIV and AIDS
What it entails: You will be providing one-on-one emotional support and friendship to people living with HIV and AIDS. Volunteers simply spend time socialising with their person, as well as attending a weekly support group with fellow volunteers and social workers involved in the project.

Time commitment: Weekly commitment of one to six hours. There is a minimum of six months involvement in the program.

Prerequisites: All volunteers will receive four days of comprehensive training. All volunteers must have excellent English language skills.

Reimbursements: No

Location: Sydney

How to apply:
1. Check that you meet the criteria and availability required
2. Contact The Centre for Volunteering on (02) 9261 3600 between 10am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday. Quote the volunteer reference number 7730
3. Sign up for the next available training session for this program.