Sydney train commuters can now know – in real time – how much space there is on each carriage of their train before it arrives. It’s all thanks to a few new phone apps.

While it’s already possible to tell how busy buses are in Sydney (with TripView, the service is new for trains. And with overcrowding on Sydney trains getting worse, particularly during recent strikes and delays, the apps are welcome news for frustrated commuters.

Transport apps including TripView, NextThere and AnyTrip and TripGo tell travellers which carriages have the fewest passengers on them, or advise passengers to wait for the next train.

It works using weight sensors to calculate the number of passengers on board and updates a carriage’s status each time the train doors close. Real-time information is currently only available for Waratah Series (A set) trains (introduced earlier this year), which service 54 per cent of all trips on the Sydney Trains network and run on the following lines:
T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line
T2 Inner West & Leppington Line
T3 Bankstown Line
T5 Cumberland Line
T7 Olympic Park Line (weekends only)
T8 Airport and South Line