This Saturday February 24 marks four years since Sydney’s so-called “lockout laws” were introduced, and Tyson Koh certainly won’t be celebrating. The Keep Sydney Open (KSO) spokesperson says the anniversary is a resounding reminder there’s still a lot of work to be done, so he’s urging everyone to make some noise this weekend.

Koh is encouraging would-be activists to wear a KSO-emblazoned T-shirt for the occasion, and to change their Facebook profile picture to a KSO tile to rally support for change.

“In four years, the NSW Government has introduced negligible changes to the lockout laws. Meanwhile the few venues we have are suffering, bands and DJs struggle for a decent living and Sydney’s reputation around the world as a city for babies and retirees is reinforced. Name a city that’s proud of empty streets? It’s not right,” Koh said in an official statement.

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Earlier this week, the City of Sydney announced the 18 first-round winners of its business support grants, aimed at restoring the city’s night-time energy.

It also recently put out a call for “creative night-life advisors” to join an expert panel to push for the same.

Koh says KSO won’t be satisfied “until Sydney is free of lockouts once and for all”, though.

“[People] are still eager for change,” he says. “KSO has been engaging with policymakers, meeting with industry, staging events and working on legislation connected to live and electronic music. But now’s a good time to get back into some IRL activism. We want people to don their tees and remind everyone that Sydney deserves a vibrant late-night culture.”

T-shirts can be purchased here, to be picked up before this weekend. Update your profile picture via KSO’s Facebook page.