About half of NSW will experience a heatwave from Monday that will intensify throughout the week, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

In Sydney, Tuesday’s top of 27 will be followed by five scorchers in a row from Wednesday to Sunday, with the mercury expected to hit 29, 34, 27, 33 and 26, respectively.

Why is it heating up? It’s tied to the “hot winds” currently hovering over central Australia. “It’s not moving much over the next few days. As the sun heats the land, the air above the land heats up as well. The longer that air lingers over central Australia, the hotter it gets,” a BOM spokesperson told Broadsheet. “The coast may miss out due to the sea breeze.”

Across the board, Thursday is likely to be the warmest. Penrith and Richmond are predicted to reach 41 degrees Celsius, while Liverpool will hit 39 on the same day.

“It’s the hottest day on Thursday in most of the Sydney metro area because that’s when the north-westerly wind will be the strongest,” the spokesperson said.

We also asked if the temperature spike was normal for this time of year. “It is summer so being hot is not unusual [but] this certainty is hotter than average, we’re seeing a few hot days coming up in Sydney,” the spokesperson explained.

And it doesn’t look like we’ll see a cool change until at least Tuesday next week. Until then, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen.