A change in today's forecast (36 degrees was predicted, now the high will be closer to 32 degrees) means it's unlikely this will be Sydney’s hottest January since 1896.

Even so, it has been damn hot: if tomorrow hits the forecast top of 36, then this January will equal that record set 120 years ago – nine days above 35 degrees during summer. And it’s even hotter in the west; the temperature in Penrith today is 42 degrees. Tomorrow’s forecast is for 39 degrees.

BoM is also predicting above-average temperatures for February, in line with current trends.

Last year's global temperatures were the hottest ever (breaking a record set in 2015). A Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) spokesperson told Broadsheet today it’s likely 2017 will break records, too. This January’s average temperature sits at 29.2 degrees, far above the overall January average (since 1859) of 25.9 degrees. It seems above-average summer temperatures have become a way of life in Sydney.

Relief is due on Tuesday afternoon when there will be a cool change. “In the afternoon winds turn onshore and a cooler air mass comes over the coastal region. The stronger the winds, the further inland they reach,” says the BoM spokesperson. The forecast for Wednesday is currently 28 degrees.