On Sunday morning, Sydney woke to the message of “Vote No” in the sky, done by an unknown skywriter.

Many took to social media to express their anger at the inescapable message of inequality. A GoFundMe campaign may have been behind the stunt.

In response to the anonymous message, Sydney actor Joshua Anderson has spearheaded a GoFundMe campaign to pay a skywriter to scrawl “VOTE YAAASS” above Sydney.

Anderson hopes to hit a goal of $4200 by the end of the week with any additional funds raised going towards LGBTQI charities. Just one hour since launching the online platform, he raised $400.

“I think it’s not only heartbreaking but also infuriating for a lot of the community,” Anderson tells Broadsheet. “I decided to do this for my best friend Matthew who came out a few years ago. I can’t believe that he isn’t able to get married but I am.”

Anderson believes the “Vote No” message was potentially harmful to members of the community. “I believe that the LGBTQIA youth would have felt the opposite of safe. The ‘No’ campaign has a lot of hate in it.”

UPDATE on September 20: Since publishing the GoFundMe page, the campaign reached its fundraising goal ahead of target. However, they've had a setback. The only skywriting pilot on the east coast has refused to write “Vote YAAASS” in the sky. "The company we were in contact with were open to the idea, but told us the pilot refused and “wouldn’t do it for 50 grand” - let alone 4,200," is written on the page.

Trying to contact other skywriters around the country will be much more expensive and would ultimately compromise the campaign's promise of giving proceeds to a LGBTQIA charity. Anderson is still committed to doing something positive with the money raised but details are yet to be confirmed.