On Sunday, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian said Sydney can begin to escape from lockdown on August 28 if 50 per cent of NSW residents are vaccinated. That number is currently at 19 per cent. If getting out of lockdown and heading to the pub isn’t incentive enough, Hawke’s Brewing Co has added another reason to get the jab: it’s giving away 250 cartons of lager to Sydneysiders who can prove they’ve received their first vaccination.

The Sydney brewery, co-founded with the late beer-loving former PM Bob Hawke, says the move is its way of highlighting how important it is for punters to get jabbed.

“The longer this [lockdown] drags on, the more damage is suffered by small businesses like ours, and in particular our hospitality mates,” said Hawke’s co-founder David Gibson in a statement. “Now, it seems the onus is on us to get ourselves out of this mess. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing like free beer to get Aussies going. We may not move the needle much with 250 slabs, but we can do our bit by helping to strengthen the message – roll your sleeve up for yourself, your loved ones, your community and your country.”

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To score your free case, book in to get your first jab. Once you’ve had that first vaccine, post a photo of your band-aided arm on Instagram and tag @hawkesbrewingco and #jabandslab. If you’re one of the first 250 to post, Hawke’s will get in touch to see proof of vaccination – available from your Medicare online account, Medicare app, the Australian Immunisation Register and My Health Record – and arrange delivery. The deal is available only to residents of Greater Sydney who get their vaccination from August 4.

Hawke’s is no stranger to enacting change. Bob Hawke chose for his share of profits to be donated to Landcare Australia, which is dedicated to protecting and repairing the natural environment. Part of the company’s profits are also donated to Landcare.

“We should have been breaking vaccination records months ago,” said Gibson. “But apparently it wasn’t a race and now half the country has been impacted by lockdown again. If Bob [Hawke] was still with us and calling the shots, we’d be well on the way.”