Sealvester, a 100-kilogram Australian fur seal moved into Rushcutters Bay Park last week.

According to the ABC, park authorities fenced off the harbour-side steps (that initially gave him access to the park) on Tuesday. The attempt to encourage Sealvester to return to his seal colony (Montague Island is the closest one, but it’s still unclear where he came from) didn’t stop him. He broke through the fencing and continued to lap up the admiration of locals at Rushcutters Bay over the Easter long weekend.

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Visitors expressed an outpouring of love for their new neighbour across social media, sharing photos of him sunning himself and taking regular dips in the harbour.

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The public also used Instagram to ask authorities to remove the fencing and allow Sealvester to stay, using the hashtag #sealgate.

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Local @emstolenburger posted that Sealvester hasn't been spotted since sunrise on Easter Sunday, but she’s hopeful he will return and that the fence will be taken down.

Seal & fans: 2 Authorities: 0 #lethimstay #sealvester #seal #furseal

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It’s not the first time a seal has surfaced a long way from home. Seals have been known to frequent the ocean steps at Sydney Opera House, and in 2016 one resident seal returned with a pup in tow.