We've been pretty lucky with the weekend weather here in Sydney over the last month or so. Sunny skies, moderate temps and gentle breezes have meant we've flocked to parks and beaches for (Covid-safe) hangs with friends and family.

But this weekend isn't likely to be favourable to any outdoorsy activities you may have planned. In fact, it might be a good idea to queue up some of those shows you've been meaning to watch. Yep, Sydney is in for some bad weather, it seems.

While the rest of your Friday might be looking okay – the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a five per cent chance of rain, with a nice mix of sun and cloud – Saturday is when things get a bit hairy. We're looking at a very high chance of showers (90 per cent chance, to be exact) with around four to ten millimetres of downpour. Temps, however, will still be in the nice mid-twenties.

The kicker is there is a chance of a thunderstorm, and if it happens it's possible it'll be a severe one. So maybe think about getting pets indoors and bringing the washing in. The rainy weather continues into Sunday, with an 80 per cent chance of rain with a hefty eight to twenty millimetres predicted. Temps will drop to a high of 19 degrees too, which isn't the best.

It's all leading up to a week of showers and cooler temps, with high chances of rain every day through to Thursday. Look, we've had some good weekends, right? Let's give the plants some rainy love.