Back in the good old days – or as I like to call it, February – if you’d suggested driving into the CBD and parking instead of taking the bus, people would’ve looked at you like you were joking.

“I don’t know, maybe we should just drive guys, it’ll be quicker.”


But in the wake of recent government announcements – including today’s, which revealed sweeping changes to Sydney’s public transport system to create “CovidSafe” trains, ferries and buses – the old Mazda3 ain’t looking too shabby anymore.

Wilson Parking, Australia’s largest parking group, has announced that all-day parking at its CBD car parks will be capped at $15. No more early-bird deals, and it doesn’t matter when you arrive or leave – you’ll have access to over 30 car parks with 10,000 parking bays in the CBD on the cheap. We’re told the offer will run until the end of June, unless otherwise specified.

Of course, where possible, walking and cycling are great alternatives to driving – but if you’re a commuter who relies on a car, this new deal will significantly reduce the expense of parking in the CBD.