At 12.01am this morning, Monday March 28, New South Wales’s Covid-19 restrictions were significantly relaxed. While our lives still aren’t 100 per cent back to pre-coronavirus ways, this is the closest it’s been in a year. Here’s what you can and can’t do going forward.

Throw shapes on a dancefloor
In December last year, dancefloors briefly reopened before swiftly shutting down again after the cluster in the northern beaches emerged. But public dancing is back from today (and it’s all the sweeter knowing that lockout laws are a thing of the past in Sydney). And the return of dancing means the comeback of nightclubs, which can reopen from today as well. There’s no cap on the number of people cutting a rug on dancefloors, as long as venues adhere to the two-square-metre rule (though they are now allowed 25 people until the square-metre rule applies).

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Ditch the masks
Masks are no longer mandatory on public transport – though they are “strongly recommended”. This means there are no longer any public spaces where masks are compulsory. The state government does recommend, though, that commuters on peak-hour services, and those who can’t maintain social distancing in any setting, continue to mask up.

Have a house party
We’ve missed a year’s worth of birthday, anniversary and just-for-the-sake-of-it blowouts. But now, house parties are back: there are no longer any caps on the number of people you can have over to your home. The only catch is, that if you have more than 100 people, you must have a Covid-19 Safety plan and record visitor details electronically. And if you’d prefer a picnic to celebrate your next milestone, the limit on outdoor gatherings has been lifted to 200 people.

Attend a wedding or funeral
The 300-person cap on weddings and funerals has been lifted. Now, you can have as many people as you like, as long as the event adheres to the square-metre rule. And getting loose on a wedding dancefloor is no longer a one-on, one-off scenario: the cap on wedding dancefloor numbers has been lifted, a big change from the previous 30-person policy.

Enjoy arts and sports
If you’ve missed out on tickets to a sporting or entertainment event recently due to reduced crowd capacity, there’s good news: entertainment venues – including stadiums and theatres – are now permitted to return to 100 per cent seated capacity.

Sing your little heart out
And if all this new freedom is enough to have you breaking out in song, you’re in luck: caps on the number of people who are allowed to sing indoors have been ditched. Where before just 30 people at a time could sing indoors – including at places of worship – now everyone is allowed to join in.

Continue to be safe
Although our lives are returning to a version of normal, it’s important to remember we’re still in the throes of a global pandemic. Make sure you continue checking in at venues using the Service NSW app, maintain social distancing where practical, continue to slather on hand sanitiser and get tested and stay home if you feel unwell.

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