Crying on planes during movies was once an international-flight- only indulgence, where you have enough time to pull yourself together before the plane lands. That’s all come undone with today’s news from Qantas that it's offering access to Netflix (plus Foxtel and Spotify), as early as the end of the month on some domestic flights.

Last year, the airline fitted out 80 domestic planes with free, high-speed Wi-Fi (provided by the National Broadband Network) and the service is currently being trialled, the Australian reported today.

If you already subscribe to these apps, just log in and Bob’s your burger-flipping uncle. If you’re a new customer – Foxtel is offering three free days of access (with no sign up required); Netflix and Spotify (Premium) will offer a free 30-day trial.

The whole Qantas domestic fleet will be fitted out over the next year and a half, and international routes will be the next step. The interruptions between your TV binges are now getting (alarmingly) smaller.