In 2013 Brighton-based theatre group Shambush assembled 300 committed Kate Bush impersonators in a field to dance to the singers’ 1978 classic, Wuthering Heights. If the organisers of the original event thought this was a one-off event they were dead wrong.

Taking inspiration from this, Berlin native Georgie Sworder organised a similar event in a German airfield and called it The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever.

Since then, local organisers from all across the globe have taken it upon themselves to get involved with events popping up in cities like Oslo, Berlin, Atlanta, Portland and more.

On July 15, Sydney Park will host our own iteration of the party to coincide with planned events around the world.

“People all over the world will be gathering in major cities and windy moors in their prettiest red frocks. They will experience the whimsical joy that is the 1978 Kate Bush masterpiece,” reads the description on the event’s Facebook page. “They shall dance freely and merrily, frolicking and bounding across the grasses.”

For those who have never partaken in a remake of the video clip, it features a green-eyeshadow-smeared Bush suddenly teleporting in a field (this was the height of technology in 1978) and performing a twirling, leg-kicking dance that’s part mime, part interpretative frolic.

Last year’s Melbourne event garnered more that 10,000 attendees on Facebook with the Sydney Park event sitting at more than 500 at the time of writing (and 1400 interested).

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever will take place at Sydney Park at 12pm on Saturday July 15. Billowing red dresses, decorative flowers and unadulterated joy are ideal.

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever