A man illegally climbed onto the southern arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at 4.30am today resulting in major traffic jams on both sides of the bridge.

Police followed the man onto the structure this morning in an effort to detain him, the Guardian reports.

Two of four northbound lanes are still closed due to the police operation to retrieve the man, effecting southbound traffic and resulting in major delays. According to Live Traffic NSW, buses have been delayed up to 70 minutes on the bridge and southbound traffic was banked up all the way to North Ryde, 20 kilometres north-west of the city on the M2. It’s has been reported that some motorists have been stuck in traffic for up to two hours.

People have been advised to stay away from Sydney Harbour Bridge until told otherwise.

Police talked the man down at 9.30am and he has since been safely taken into police custody, 7 News reports via Twitter.

“[There is] very heavy traffic on multiple roads including all approaches to Sydney Harbour Bridge due to ongoing police operation. Continue to stay away, delay trip or consider catching a train instead,” Live Traffic Sydney tweeted 47 minutes ago.