Phantastic Ferniture makes a lot of plant-based puns, and manages to make some music in between. It’s the joint project of solo artists Julia Jacklin, Liz Hughes, Tom Stephens and Ryan K Brennan and to celebrate the end of 2016, it’s hosting an extravaganza with some of its favourite “fronds” at the Oxford Art Factory. The band is joined on the bill by Flowertruck Big White, Betty & Oswald, Emma Russack, Morning TV and Georgia Mulligan. Ahead of the big night, guitarist Hughes indulges our Christmas-themed questions and makes some suggestions for failsafe gifts.

Broadsheet: How did Phantastic Ferniture come to be?
Liz Hughes: At a party a few of us made a joke about starting a rock band, and here we are.

BS: All four of you record and play solo as well. What does the band offer you that solo work doesn’t?
LH: We all had established solo projects before we started PF. It’s really rewarding to be able to write both as solo artists and collaboratively as PF because we learn a lot from each other. It's cathartic to have this other musical outlet where we share the creative input and output.

BS: Do you have any favourite Christmas songs?
LH: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey has to be a big favourite.

BS: And favourite things to do in and around Sydney over Christmas?
LH: Hold “Christmas Extravaganzas”, swim at the beach and show each other up with great Christmas presents such as FernGully on DVD and other Christmas parafernalia.

BS: Who are your songwriting heroes?
LH: Jack White, Adam Granduciel from War on Drugs, Grimes.

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BS: Is there anything in particular outside of music that helps to fuel your creativity/musicality?
LH: Friends, family, people-watching, botany.

BS: Fantasy support slot – any artist, any era, anywhere?
LH: Primal Scream or No Doubt in the ‘90s.

Phantastic Ferniture – Christmas Extravaganza takes place at the Oxford Art Factory on Thursday December 22. Tickets available here.