Sophia Kaplan and Lauren Camilleri are co-founders of Leaf Supply, a new plant-delivery service. The pair were introduced by a mutual friend who was sure they’d hit it off.

“We both have a massive obsession with plants and surround ourselves with them in every way possible,” says Kaplan. “The idea of Leaf Supply was born at that first meeting.”

Kaplan owns plant and flower styling business Sophia Kaplan Plants & Flowers, and Camilleri runs Domus Botanica, an online plant and botanical homewares shop. The plan was to make plant ownership easy and accessible at a time when access to green space can be limited for people living and working around the city. “We wanted an online shop that made the process simple,” says Kaplan, “and we wanted to encourage and educate people to start their own indoor gardens.”

The plants on the site are all fairly resilient indoor varieties, selected by Kaplan, Camilleri or a collaborator. Every month there are three new plant and pot combos to choose from, ranging from $39 for a smaller plant in a simple calico-wrapped pot to $79 for something larger. This month there’s a syngonium podophyllum (also known as the arrowhead plant), with large, light-green leaves. It only needs watering once a week. It was chosen for the site by photographer Kara Riley. There’s also a sturdier but equally low-maintenance rubber plant that arrives in a hand-thrown ceramic pot made by Camilleri’s dad. Future pots will be sourced from a variety of different artists.

Finding suppliers has been one of the biggest challenges for the pair, but they’re slowly building a network of artists and growers to ensure each monthly selection feels fresh. “We've met some awesome people with the most incredible plant knowledge,” Kaplan says. “We love being able to collaborate with creative local makers to create unique pieces.”

For those who might struggle to keep their new botanical baby alive, Leaf Supply offers a Plant Doctor service; owners can send in photos of their sick plants for advice. And next on the agenda for Leaf Supply is a plant-subscription service.