Following a decision by the Supreme Court this afternoon, Saturday night’s Keep Sydney Open rally, which was to be held in Kings Cross, has been cancelled.

This morning, KSO’s Tyson Koh sent out a press release explaining that proceedings were filed against KSO at 4pm on Thursday (yesterday). The Crown’s main issues with the rally are a) that it was to be at night, and b) that Darlinghurst Road would be temporarily closed.

In a video posted on the KSO Facebook page, founder Tyson Koh says the decision was "pretty strange".

"The finding against us wouldn't prohibit the rally from going ahead but it wouldn't be classified as a public assembly,” he says. “Classifying it as a public assembly is very important to us. It's not just a fun event; it's a political protest. We are protesting the restrictive legislation of the lockout. For the intents and purposes of Keep Sydney Open, it's prohibited. We don't want to break the law."

The organisation has previously held two successful public rallies.

"We encourage you to still go out – a lot of the venues were looking forward to having you before and after the event. Support Sydney nightlife and your local venues," says Koh.

A new event has not yet been announced but Koh says he will be contacting the new Premier to try and set up a meeting.

Update: Within hours of the rally being cancelled, a Facebook event has popped up encouraging people to support Kings Cross venues this weekend.