Residents of NSW who test positive to Covid-19 via a rapid antigen test can now register their result via the Service NSW app. The state government announced this morning it has decided to mandate the reporting via public health order; all positive results from January 1 need to be logged via the app. Failure to report a positive RAT could result in a $1000 fine, which will be enforced from January 19.

NSW premier Dominic Perottet said in a press conference this morning that people will be required to provide information about any known health conditions to ensure those who test positive at home are provided with appropriate care. When logging a case, you will be asked questions such as whether you’re recording your own test or someone else’s, and whether you are pregnant.

To register your positive rapid test, log into the Service NSW app, and go to “Covid-19 Resources”. From there, select “Register a positive test result” and enter the date you tested positive, your name and phone number or email address, and answer a series of health-related questions. You don’t need to register your test if you received a positive PCR test in the 28 days before your positive RAT.

Like those who have tested positive via a PCR test, you must isolate for seven days from the day you were tested.

Perrottet also urged NSW residents to get booster shots, or to get vaccinated if they haven’t yet done so.

“We have a 95 per cent vaccination rate here in New South Wales, yet over 50 per cent of people in ICU are unvaccinated,” said Perrottet. “So, please … if you have not received the first dose, please go and do so. If you are eligible for a second dose please do as well.

“But there are many people across the state who are now eligible for a booster shot, and you can have a booster shot administered ... at 40 of our clinics across New South Wales but also through your pharmacy and your GP.”

Nationwide shortages of rapid antigen testing kits have been widely reported. Sydney Instagram account Bondi Lines regularly updates which chemists and supermarkets have them in stock.

Find out more about registering your RAT here.