The NSW Government has announced a number of new restrictions after two community cases were recorded in Sydney over the past couple of days. From 5pm today, masks will once again be mandatory in indoor settings: on public transport, in supermarkets and at indoor events such as concerts and film screenings. Hospitality workers will once again need to don masks while working. Compulsory mask wearing will be in effect until 12.01am on Monday morning. (Here's a list of where you can buy masks if you’ve misplaced yours since they were last mandatory.)

Also from 5pm today, households can again have no more than 20 people in their homes. There will also be no singing and dancing in venues, including places of worship (the exceptions are for weddings and performers). These measures will also be in place until 12.01am on Monday morning. Though the restrictions aren’t mandatory till this afternoon, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has recommended residents start implementing them straight away.

“We recommend if you’re in a position to be able to adopt these changes from now, from upon hearing of them and learning of them, please make sure you do that,” said Berejiklian in this morning’s press conference.

“We’ve been careful not to impact unnecessarily businesses and others who might have already made arrangements over the weekend, but we ask citizens and workers to be extra cautious and adopt compulsory mask wearing.”

Square-metre rules remain the same, and Berejiklian has encouraged people to go out and enjoy their weekends and keep their reservations at hospitality venues for Mother’s Day.

“We’re saying go about your normal business. Enjoy Mother’s Day, enjoy what you do normally.”

The rules will apply from the Central Coast down to Greater Sydney and the Illawarra region.

The new restrictions come into effect from 5pm this afternoon, May 6, and will be lifted at 12.01am on Monday May 10.