If you woke up this morning feeling a little like you’ve gone back in time to the summer of 2019, when bushfire smoke seemed to infiltrate every crevice of every building in Sydney, there’s a reason: hazard-reduction burns on the fringes of the city have caused air quality to drop.

At the time of writing, air quality in Earlwood and Macquarie Park has been deemed poor. The air in the CBD, Rozelle and some other parts of the city is currently considered “fair”, meaning those with sensitivities, such as respiratory issues and asthma, should be extra careful today.

According to the NSW Rural Fire Service, the smoke is thanks to hazard-reduction burns in Sydney’s north. The smoke settled in the Sydney basin overnight, but is meant to clear as winds and temperatures increase throughout the day. For the most part, the air quality in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, west and Northern Beaches remains good.

If you live in a particularly smoky area, it’s a good idea to reduce outdoor activity and keep your doors and windows shut.

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