Warringah Mall will next month get Sydney’s newest Ikea store – but this one will be a little different to the 30,000 square-metre monster at Tempe that we’re used to. It’ll be the first “small-format” outlet in Australia, at just 100 square metres, meaning no more getting lost in the Ikea maze, emerging blinking into the daylight four hours later with a new kitchen and collection of throw pillows.

At the small-format store customers sit down for a consultation with an Ikea employee, who will help them plan and build their future bedroom and kitchen. Customers can still order the rest of Ikea’s range, but the focus will be on these two rooms.

Once they’ve decided on their future furnishings, customers can have the flatpacks delivered to their homes or pick them up from a store. The Scandi-style space will also have planning stations and tablets to help customers build their rooms step-by-step.

For now, the store is being opened as part of a four-month trial, but if it’s a success it could pave the way for up to eight more similar stores around Sydney and expansion to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The company is also considering launching outlets that carry around half the full-size stores’ range (the focus will be on homewares and smaller furnishings). The idea is that customers can pop into a store when they don’t have hours to devote to traversing one of the huge Ikeas.

Ikea Warringah Mall is slated to open on May 3.