The south-western suburb of Liverpool will be home to Sydney’s first driverless bus route according to 9 News. The automated Rapid Transit Corridor will run from Liverpool CBD to the new Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek and will be up and running in five years.

This route in Sydney follows driverless (NAVYA powered) bus trials in Perth, Darwin and Sydney’s Olympic Park.

“It’s about the future being here now. It’s not waiting for it to happen. It’s happening,” says Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller in an interview with 9 News.

The $250,000 bus can carry 11 people at a top speed of 45 kilometres and hour and will be able to read traffic lights and sense other vehicles, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Starting at Hoxton Park Road and merging into Fifteenth Avenue, the route is 19 kilometres long and will take 20 minutes. The bus is intended as a fast commute option for travellers headed to the airport and people working at both the airport and the nearby Aerotropolis industrial and business hub.

Mayor Waller hopes the driverless bus route will be operating within five years, while the Badgerys Creek airport is still under construction.

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