In 2009, Broadsheet launched in response to exciting, widespread cultural changes simmering across Australian cities. I was living overseas at the time, so only experienced these changes in snapshots during short visits home: third-wave coffee, no-reservations diners, a crop of world-renowned bars, global fashion sensations. It was a dramatic transformation I came to understand mostly with Broadsheet’s help.

In just a few years the Broadsheet seal of approval had become the only one that mattered to friends and family, and when I read it for the first time I understood why: it was covering culture and city life in a way that felt original, fresh and prescient. In 2011, it launched in Sydney as new influences and a new energy took hold.

Sydney, and Australian dining broadly, was changing and Broadsheet was obsessed with its evolution. The restaurants. The chefs. The designers. The experience. Beyond food and drink it had a knack for identifying future fashion and design leaders, and covered local art, creatives and music in a way that felt accessible and, most importantly, useful. Someone reading the publication for the first time today will experience those same ingredients, with the added bonus of recommendations on active lifestyles and travel.

Our mission has always been to show you the best of your city, and this issue is filled with it. New fitness studios with brains and beauty. A pizza that became an instant Sydney classic, by one of the city’s best. A very special meal with the team at Gelato Messina (and the recipe to make it at home). A glimpse into the mind of one of Australia’s most important and surprising contemporary artists. And, as we’ve done since day one, we’re focusing on what’s next: Matt Shea’s wonderful piece about travelling the east coast by electric car is a story not just about the future of driving in Australia, but how its small towns may be integral to that story.

Double digits. It’s a big birthday. And none of this would have been possible without you, our readers. Thank you for coming along on the journey, thank you for always pushing us to be better, and thank you for your endless curiosity about your city. Here’s to 10 more years of exploring.