A 100-kilogram Australian fur seal has been lazing languidly around Rushcutters Bay Park for the past few days.

In between harbour dips and laps of the bay, the animal has been taking regular naps. As a result, the Department of Parks and Wildlife has sectioned off an area of the park and added a sign saying, “Warning: seal resting in this area”, so the visitor can get some shut-eye.

Shona Lorigan, a volunteer with the Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA) told the ABC the adult male was in good health. “He appears to be absolutely fine, but we are watching him very closely,” she said. “We continue to evaluate him every day he hauls out of the water … but nothing we have noted of concern.”

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The organisation has even given him the nickname “Sealvester”, which has stuck.

The closest seal-breeding colony is on Montague Island, nine-kilometres off the coast of Narooma on the south coast of NSW, but it’s not yet clear where he came from.

Visitors have been asked to keep their dogs on leash when walking through the park, and keep themselves at a safe distance too. Seals are placid by nature, but if provoked even the sleepy ones will use their sharp teeth.

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