It was a wet and windy start to Sydney’s first day out of lockdown yesterday. Nonetheless, people braved the weather to queue for hairdressers, line up for their first schooner at the pub, and take advantage of being able to venture further than their local government area.

Broadsheet sent photographer Yusuke Oba into the CBD and Newtown to capture as life in Sydney returned to its most “normal” state in months. While the CBD was quiet, apart from a few stores and a very popular laneway bar, Newtown was buzzing. No matter where you were, though, Sydney’s excitement was evident.

New South Wales is reopening, but the pandemic isn’t over. We’re entering a new phase of living with Covid-19: some of us will be going out like crazy, while others might prefer to stay at home for now. If you want to support your favourite venues and businesses, ensure you're adhering to current health advice. The Covid-19 situation is evolving and public health requirements are still subject to change. If you have concerns about visiting businesses or public spaces, or questions about self-isolation or coronavirus testing, see the latest updates from the NSW Government.