A number of domestic flights to and from Sydney have been delayed or cancelled today due to strong winds around Sydney Airport. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that air-traffic controllers closed two of the airport’s three runways at 2pm.

As of 1.30pm, at least 20 Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas flights were cancelled due to weather disruptions, while other flights have been delayed by up to two hours.

A Qantas spokesperson told the Herald that there have been disruptions across multiple airlines due to inclement weather. Tiger Airways confirmed that none of its flights have been cancelled.

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed there were strong westerly winds near Sydney Airport. Gusts are expected to reach at least 50kmh for the rest of the afternoon.

The Daily Telegraph further reports that no international flights have been cancelled or delayed at this stage. Delays are expect to have more of an impact on arrivals than departures, according to news.com.au.

Travellers should contact their airline about their flight’s status prior to arriving at the airport.